“I am thankful that as of July 2024, Joshua will be 3 years clean. He is doing awesome and I am so proud of him. It wasn't always as good for a few years. I knew the good in my son and never gave up in him.

There’s going to be times when your loved one doesn't want to see you or answer your calls. You try to find their were-a-bouts, no finding them. It’s hard and it is a nightmare to go through. When I did hear from him after days sometimes it was very hard for me to see him. At times they were good and other times, bad. Most of the time I learned to walk away.  I couldn't enable his behavior which broke my heart.   

Joshua went into rehab three times in Pennsylvania. The third time was the final straw.  He ended up in the ICU and almost died because of drugs. He had a doctor that was amazing and cared to get him well again, she treated him like a human and not just another drug addict. I never will forget her name for saving my son's life. She made sure that rehab would work with him for residential treatment. She made time to call the rehab and time to talk with me and time to get Josh to understand what he had to do in order to better himself and get well. At first he was very defiant over being released to rehab. I went to see him that morning and I told him that I can't live this life anymore and lay in that bed and think about it because I am not coming back unless he makes the right decision. He called me late afternoon and said ‘Mom I am going back to Pennsylvania. 

Joshua went back and they worked with him to get him where he is today. Joshua went through residential treatment in Onieda, completed that in a year and today he has his own apartment and is working for a granite company, he hasn’t missed a day of work since he has been there and also received a promotion in less then a year of being employed.

Joshua has stayed focused on his job and he is an avid gym goers. I am so proud of the young man he is today.  I go up to see him at least twice a month, we have lunch together, do grocery shopping and it so nice to communicate as two adults—a mother and son. A phone call a week from him just to see that I am doing ok or need anything 

That is the son that I raised; caring and willing to help anyone in need.

As a parent I never gave up, I will encourage any parent to never give up on a son or daughter. Their life can change.”