A dozen red roses hung from a fence and barricade in front of the US Capitol Building
A man, looking at the viewer, kneels in a shallow stream with his hand in a small net.
A person wearing a red hat waves a red Trump flag  into the air as a helicopter flies overhead.
A Chinese mantis climbing up a tree trunk.
George Saunders
A worker stands in a field of hemp.
A person sitting in a chair in a dark room.
A large herd of white-tailed deer looking at the camera in a forest.
A hand casting a shadow on a wall .
​A sharp-shinned hawk perched on a utility line stalks sparrows in a bush below.
Molted exoskeletons of Brood X cicadas on a tree
A bicyclist riding on one wheel down the street.
A small mouse looking out from behind a hole in a wall.